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When is National Rosé Day?

National Rosé Day occurs on the second Saturday in June.

What is National Rosé Day?

As the sun climbs higher in the sky, people across the globe take to the lawn with a cool glass of “summer’s water.” National Rosé Day unites rosé devotees in their love of these refreshing warm-weather wines.

Rosés aren’t just classic. They’re the original. In the middle ages, the finest wines were all rosés. See, rosé normally gets its pink color by staying in contact with grape skins for a day or two. Early winemakers couldn’t keep the skins separated while pressing the grapes by hand or foot. So for a long time, nobody could make white wines. And folks thought reds were second-rate, low-brow, like some lazy wine-maker left the skins too long.

Nowadays, modern fermentation makes reds quite palatable. White wines have had a few centuries to gather a following too. With the advent of blush wines, the ‘70s were not good for rosés. However, popular opinion has once again discovered their charm.

So, will you give your significant other a dozen rosés on National Rosé Day? Probably not. But can you enjoy a rosé or two with your closest friends? Survey says, yes. Santé!

Fun facts about National Rosé Day!

More than a quarter of rosé wines comes from France, where rosé is more popular than white wine.

Sweeter rosés appeared after World War II to compete with the dry style of rosé, which was more common then.

Maceration is the process of leaving grape skins in contact with juices to bestow red shades on a wine

Bodvár – House of Rosés created National Rosé Day in 2014 to honor and promote rosé wines.

How to celebrate National Rosé Day:

Celebrate rosé with your friends! Sip it all afternoon long for a leisurely Saturday, or host a dinner party with a variety of rosés and a French-inspired Mediterranean menu. Try pairing your rosé with garlic-based dishes, like hummus and seafood.

Serve your rosé chilled, but not too cold. Take it out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before serving.

What’s the hashtag for National Rosé Day?

Use #NationalRoséDay on social media to document your Rosé Day festivities.