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When is National Roots Day?

National Roots Day is December 23rd.

What is National Roots Day?

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Or does it? You might be surprised to find out where your great-great-grandmother was born. National Roots Day urges us to learn about our family history.

People have immigrated to the United States of America from all over the world. The nation was once considered a melting pot because such diverse people could be assimilated into American culture. Immigrants changed their names and took up local customs, dressing and eating and talking like blue-blooded Americans.

But with the growing popularity of multiculturalism, we’re becoming more curious about our past. Where did these people come from? Why does that last name sound faintly German, or Italian? 

As we learn about our family heritage, we often understand our parents and grandparents better, and even ourselves. National Roots Day celebrates this impulse to dig deeper into our ancestry.

Fun facts about National Roots Day!

  • Many genealogical records are online, and there is rarely a need these days to travel to find them.
  • Immigrants often voluntarily changed their names to sound more American when they arrived in the States.
  • When researching family members who served in World War I or II, try different birth years. Some of those fellas exaggerated their age to meet the limit for enlistment.

How to celebrate National Roots Day:

  • Look into your family history. Talk to your grandparents—today!—and start making a family tree. Write down what you find, and search for photos and newspaper articles. Talk to multiple people too. Sometimes conflicting stories bring out more clear recollections.
  • Perform some research through an ancestry service after you’ve talked with your family. You might actually find out more about your distant relatives.

What’s the hashtag for National Roots Day?

Use #NationalRootsDay on social media to post fun facts about your family history.