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When is National Root Beer Float Day?

National Root Beer Float Day is August 6th.

What is National Root Beer Float Day?

If you needed inspiration to drink a root beer float, here it is. National Root Beer Float Day beckons all citizens, non-citizens, and space aliens alike to celebrate this chilly concoction by enjoying a glass.

One legend has it that the root beer float started in the 1890s with Frank. J. Wisner, the owner of a gold mine and tavern in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Wisner found himself staring at nearby Cow Mountain one night, and its snowy peak looked like a spoonful of vanilla ice cream. He started serving root beer with vanilla ice cream, and it became known as a “Black Cow Mountain,” later shorted to “Black Cow.”

Of course, there are alternative origin stories out there. Whichever way it came to us, National Root Beer Float Day is the day to celebrate the sweet and creamy charm of a root beer float.

Fun facts about National Root Beer Float Day!

Root beer recipes vary wildly, but some common additions are molasses, cinnamon, sarsaparilla root, vanilla, licorice root, and nutmeg.

The FDA banned sassafras root oil in 1960 because it’s carcinogenic and toxic. Today’s root beers contain artificial sassafras flavoring.

The ice cream’s fat coats the carbon dioxide bubbles from the soda and air trapped in the ice cream. This creates the float’s excessively foamy head.

How to celebrate National Root Beer Float Day:

Build yourself a classic root beer float. All it takes is a glass of root beer, vanilla ice cream, and hot August day.

Try a variation on the float. Drop a dollop of vanilla ice cream in grape soda for a Purple Cow, in orange soda for an Orange Whip, or in Vernors ginger ale for a Boston Cooler.

What’s the hashtag for National Root Beer Float Day?

Use #RootBeerFloatDay on social media to post pics with your rootbeer float.