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What day is National Report Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) Fraud Day celebrated? October 16

What is National Report Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) Day? National Report TINA Fraud Day brings awareness to the amount of fraud against the government and teaches the public how to obtain a monetary reward for reporting it. Ten percent of all government spending is lost due to fraud. Because the Department of Defense is spending over $500 billion a year, that means $50 billion a year is lost to fraud. It’s no wonder why we have a national economy crisis! That’s why Congress authorized the Department of Justice (DOJ) to pay whistleblower rewards up to 30 percent of the amount it recovers based upon whistleblowers reporting fraud by any government contractor under any program, such as the military, DOD, Homeland Security, and Medicare.

Statistics for the DOJ whistleblower reward program for military type fraud

  • The largest whistleblower reward in a single case is $50 million
  • The average whistleblower reward is $349,468
  • DOJ has recovered $3 billion ($3,231,690,672) in military fraud cases brought by whistleblowers
  • DOJ has paid whistleblowers rewards of $550 million ($549,364,943)

Who created National Report TINA Fraud Day? National Report Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) Fraud Day started in 2018. It was formed by Joel Hesch, a whistleblower attorney who spent over 15 years working in Department of Justice whistleblower reward office. While at DOJ, Mr. Hesch helped obtain over $1 billion in recoveries back for the government from those cheating the government and paid out hundreds of millions in rewards to whistleblowers. Mr. Hesch formed his own law firm (The Hesch Firm, LLC) and now exclusively represents whistleblowers nationwide in filing for rewards for reporting fraud against the government, including government contractor fraud such as TINA fraud.

How to celebrate National Report TINA Fraud Day? Celebrate National Report TINA Fraud Day by downloading his free e-book on reporting Military fraud so you understand the various fraud schemes and the Department of Justice (DOJ) whistleblower reward program. The e-books explains the benefits and risks of reporting fraud and the various ways you can report fraud, such as TINA fraud. If you have the right type of information, you can and should report government contractor fraud as outlined in the e-book and in the next section.

You can also celebrate National Report TINA Fraud Day by sharing this day and web page with everyone you know so that the whole world can participate in stamping out fraud against the military, Department of Defense, or Homeland Security. Only when fraud doers know that the public knows how to spot TINA fraud and can get a reward for reporting it will they think twice about ripping off our military or other government programs.

Finally, visit Mr. Hesch’s website and begin the process of applying for a government reward for reporting TINA fraud or any other type of fraud against the government. 

How to report TINA violations and received a monetary reward? There are two very different ways of reporting TINA violations, with two very different results.

  1. File for a Reward under the DOJ Whistleblower Reward Program

The first way to report TINA violations is to have a whistleblower attorney, such as Mr. Hesch, help you blow the whistle under the Department of Justice (DOJ) reward program, which pays whistleblower rewards of between 15% to 30% of the amount DOJ recovers.

If you report TINA violations under the DOJ program, the government must open an investigation and inform your attorney of the results. Thus, applying for a reward through a whistleblower attorney is the only way to ensure an investigation takes place (rather than just calling an agency hotline). Today, most of the government’s fraud cases are DOJ whistleblower reward cases. Thus, the government is counting on whistleblowers to bring fraud cases to DOJ and receive a reward in the process.

  1. Report TINA violations to the Department of Defense

The second way to report government contractor fraud is to report it directly to the affected military agency or the Department of Defense (DOD).

Report TINA violations directly to the DOD

Here’s how to report TINA fraud directly to the DOD.

First, you can call a DOD hotline at (800) 424-9098.

Second, you can fill out a form on the DOD website, known as a Hotline Complaint. That web page describes what you can report and what not to report using the Hotline Complaint form. It also allows you to report the fraud anonymously. 

There are a few downsides by reporting the fraud to the DOD or specific military agency and not by filing for a reward with the Department of Justice. First, there is no reward. Second, the agency does not have to open an investigation. Third, the agency does not have to tell you the results of any investigation. Nevertheless, there are times when it makes sense to report fraud directly to the agency through its website or by calling its hotline.

What other national days are there for whistleblowing or whistleblower rewards for reporting fraud? There are many other national days relating to reporting fraud against the government. Here are just a few:

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National Day Archives also has a separate category just for Politics/Government. For more days relating to the Politics/Government browse the category button on the top left of the webpage to find other types of fraud in addition to TINA violations.

It’s time to stamp out fraud against the government by stepping forward and reporting TINA violations and other fraud schemes.