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When is this day celebrated? June 24

What is this day? Relationship Equity is about having fairness in relationship, striking power balance, and everyone using their gifts to progress the family and personal life without being restricted due to their gender. Society makes us think there are male roles and female roles, which is making couples limit themselves and not maximize the family unit. With Relationship Equity, there is no role that is restricted to a particular gender. We have to look at everyone’s gift, support it, and nurture it to sustain the relationship. When we don’t look at the gifts, we are ultimately putting people in a box and category. If a woman has the gift to be a CEO and run a company, she shouldn’t be held back to be a stay home mum and be doing domestic work. If a man has the gift to cook, clean, and take care of the children, he shouldn’t hold himself back from doing it just because the society may term him as weak and not his role to play. That is his gifting and together with his wife’s gifts they can produce a lot. We should not genderize what you can do or not do as a family man or woman. The National Relationship Equity Day is designed for couple to recognize the gifts of each other to further the sustainability of the relationship and their personal life.

Who created this day? This day was founded by Femi Ogunjinmi in 2019. 

How should this day be celebrated? On this day couples should acknowledge and celebrate each other’s gifts that they are using to sustain the family. They should also identify gifts that they have but have not been harnessed.