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When will this Week be celebrated? 

This week will be celebrated from April 10th to April 16th in 2022 and changes each year.

What is National® Listapalooza Week?   

Each spring, the® Economics Team analyzes a variety of housing market factors to determine the best week for sellers to put their home on the market in the current year. In 2022, we decided to name this week, “® Listapalooza.” Those who list their home this week can expect to see high buyer demand, strong home prices, quick sales, and less competition from other sellers.

The 2022 results are in and the week of April 10-16 is the best time to put your home on the market this year. To come up with this week, the® team analyzed home price trends, home buyer demand, competition from other sellers, and the likelihood of sellers having to take price reductions.  

Why is this week being created?® started announcing the best time to list a home in 2019.  Each year, we issue a press release and publish the research on our economics portal, and market it via social media, email newsletters, a® News & Insights article, and more.® would like to designate® Listapalooza as a national holiday to get the word out to the public about the best time to sell a home. This information is especially important this year, because the U.S. is in one of the worst housing shortages of all time. If this holiday encourages more people to put their homes on the market, it would really help home buyers and the housing market as a whole. By raising awareness of home selling conditions and the listing process,® aims to help more U.S. homeowners make a successful move when the time is right for them and their families. 

First launched to the public in 1996,® is a pioneer in digital real estate. Today, consumers visit® in droves, finding resources, insights and innovative options for buying, selling, renting and living in homes. As the countdown begins to the fourth annual Listapalooza, we want to invite more Americans to recognize and take part in this important moment in the home buying season.

How should this week be observed?® is planning a huge marketing campaign around® Listapalooza, which means plenty of ways to get involved. It will include press activities, social media activations with consumers and agents, infographics, a themed Spotify playlist, landing pages on our website and more.

How consumers should celebrate this holiday is to participate in our social activations and spread the news to their family and friends who are thinking of putting their home on the market. As mentioned above, we are in an inventory crisis and more people putting their homes on the market could make a big difference. For homeowners, the good news is we expect plenty of opportunities for a successful sale in 2022 – especially during the busy Spring buying season!

Whether your perfect moment to list is during® Listapalooza or another time this year, it’s important to take early steps to get ready.® survey data shows the process of preparing to list took recent sellers up to three months. So we’re also providing insights and resources to help sellers prepare and understand their options, such as the® Seller’s Marketplace, where you can explore listing with an agent, selling to an iBuyer and more. Even if you aren’t thinking about moving soon, you can use the® My Home dashboard to seamlessly track your home’s value over time and keep an eye out for opportunities to take advantage of today’s fast-moving real estate markets.   

Who created this week?  This week was created by® in 2022.