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When is National Re-Gifting Day?

National Re-Gifting Day occurs each year on the Thursday before Christmas.

What is National Re-Gifting Day?

It was the thought that counted, but you never opened that artisan Honeysuckle scented candle your aunt gave you last Christmas. Diane at the office might like it though. National Re-Gifting Day is the day to put those unwanted Christmas gifts in the hands of those who will appreciate them.

Many companies hold office parties the Thursday before Christmas, and a lot of presents at those parties are re-gifted. National Re-Gifting Day celebrates gift recycling, though it can stir up trouble if done recklessly. As with any gift, re-gifting is most considerate if it’s a thoughtful process.

Fun facts about National Re-Gifting Day!

  • Food, beauty products, trinkets and books are the most likely presents to experience re-gifting.
  • A variety of surveys suggest that 60% to 78% of people think re-gifting is acceptable.
  • Women are twice as likely as men to re-gift.
  • About 70% of people consider re-gifting to be a form of recycling.
  • Fruitcake is the most popularly re-gifted present. (Can we change that stat? Please?)

How to celebrate National Re-Gifting Day:

There are plenty of recommendations online for re-gifting etiquette. At the very least, re-gifted items should be new, valuable (not obviously cheap swag), re-wrapped, and given in a social circle different from the original giver if you don’t want to risk looking like a cheap jerk. Re-gifting should feel sneaky, and maybe a little deceptive, but only a little.

What’s the hashtag for National Re-Gifting Day?

Use #NationalReGiftingDay on social media to promote thoughtful re-gifting.