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Ranch Water

When is National Ranch Water Day? This day will take place on April 11 of each calendar year.

What is National Ranch Water Day? Celebrating Ranch Water: Texas’ version of a Skinny Margarita. Also known as the “Unofficial Cocktail of West Texas,” Ranch Water is a mix of tequila, lime, and soda water that has a long history and many Texas-sized fables as to its origin. Low in calories and sugar but big on taste, Ranch Water is sure to quench your thirst! Our company, RANCH2O Spirits, was born because we saw a need for a pre-made canned Ranch Water, and we wanted it to taste like one you’d just purchased from a bartender. So we used premium tequila and high quality ingredients to do just that!

Why is this day being celebrated or observed? The Ranch Water cocktail, made with tequila, deserves its own celebration, like its cousin, the Margarita! Everything is bigger in Texas, and the Ranch Water is no exception. Let’s raise a glass to this delicious cocktail!

How should this day be celebrated or observed? Celebrate this day by drinking Ranch Waters, preferably pre-made Ranch Waters from RANCH2O Spirits’ premium lineup of canned cocktails.

Who created this day? This day was created in February 2021 by RANCH2O Spirits.