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When is Proposal Day?

Proposal Day occurs on the vernal and autumnal equinox.

What is Proposal Day?

You have wooed long enough, and you’re ready to pledge your fealty and undying love. Now you have to choose a day. Tuesday date night? New Year’s? Wait until next Valentine’s Day? There is another option. On Proposal Day, couples all over the place commit themselves to marry each other.

John Michael O’Loughlin created Proposal Day to occur twice a year, on the spring and fall equinoxes. The vernal equinox usually happens on the 20th of March, give or take a day. Daytime and nighttime are the same length on the equinoxes. For Proposal Day, that’s a good symbol of the equality that exists between husband and wife in a healthy marriage.

Need another reason? The vernal equinox is the first day of spring! Spring represents new life and growth, and it’s the perfect symbol for an engagement. So consider Proposal Day as perhaps the best day of the year to pop the question.

Fun facts about Proposal Day!

  • Only 35% of brides were surprised by their proposals.
  • It’s not all about size. The cut, shape, and setting of a ring tend to matter more to brides than the carat.
  • Getting down on one knee is still in fashion, according to 87% of proposals in 2017.
  • Almost half the proposals in 2017 took place in public.

How to celebrate Proposal Day:

  • Get creative with your proposal, because the story will follow you throughout your marriage. Keep it classy, and know your audience. Don’t embarrass, avoid having family around, and skip that terrible idea about hiding the ring in food or a drink. Be straightforward to set a precedent that you take seriously the most important decision of your life.
  • Not ready to propose? Start the conversation. It might be awkward, but it might not. Discuss your long-term plans, and make sure you’re on the same page.
  • Already married? Get with some friends to swap proposal stories.

What’s the hashtag for Proposal Day?

Post your proposal story on social media with #ProposalDay.