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When is National Princess Day?

November 18th is National Princess Day.

What is National Princess Day?

Little girls want to be actresses, dancers, and crime-busting detectives. They act out their future lifestyles as superstars and astronauts and, yes, princesses. Whatever she wants to be when she grows up, every little girl is a princess, and National Princess Day celebrates her most admirable qualities.

Does your little princess brighten the room when she steps through the door? Is she over-the-top kind to younger children? Does she charge through the mud chasing down villains in the back yard? National Princess Day is the day to celebrate her boldness, her charm, her gentleness, all those virtues that mark her regal spirit.

Your little girl deserves some pomp and circumstance. You want to teach her to accept herself, to have a healthy body image, to be strong and selfless and compassionate. Treating her like a proper princess on National Princess Day—and other days!—molds her character in that direction.

Fun facts about National Princess Day!

  • The Swan Princess (1994) was based on the Tchaikovsky ballet “Swan Lake.”
  • Snow White was the youngest Disney Princess at 14 years old.
  • Princess Aurora of Sleeping Beauty (1959) was the quietest princess, with only 18 lines of dialogue and 18 minutes of screen time.
  • Walt Disney said Cinderella was his favorite Disney Princess.

How to celebrate National Princess Day:

  • Roll out the red carpet! Treat your daughter like a princess. Breakfast in bed, lots of “your royal highness” and “we are your humble subjects” and such. The more over the top, the more she’ll love it. (Maybe. Know your daughter, and do what she loves.)
  • Take her to her favorite place in town, like the ice cream parlor, the toy store, or the park.
  • Applaud her style. Tell her she’s brave when she jumps into something new without asking for help. Say she does a great job helping her little brother. Admire her best traits so that she knows you’re watching and you’re proud.

What’s the hashtag for National Princess Day?

On social media, use #NationalPrincessDay to celebrate your princess.