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When is National Pizza Party Day?

The third Friday in May is National Pizza Party Day.

What is National Pizza Party Day?

Every pizza can be its own party. Unless you’re buying it by the slice or in personalized sizing, pizza pies are made to be shared. National Pizza Party day honors the official event though, the real McCoy, the celebration designed around the consumption of a lot of pizza.

What’s an official pizza party? Well, definitions may vary, but let’s assume it’s not a pizza date. In that case, you have to have at least three people. Now, a 10-inch pie could feed two people, maybe a 14-inch pie for two big eaters. That means that you need at least two pizzas (or one massive pie) to make it a real pizza party.

Of course, your pizza party can always have more than three people and more than two pizzas. There are no limits on the toppings though. Pizza parties can boast the basics with cheese and pepperoni. Or they can dive into the more complex and unusual styles, such buffalo wings pizza or the bacon-chicken-ranch variations.

Speaking of bacon, maybe your pizza party needs a pie with bacon-wrapped shrimp and bacon-wrapped potato wedges. The point: the possibilities are endless on National Pizza Party Day.

Fun facts about National Pizza Party Day!

  • Americans eat, on average, 23 pounds of pizza every year.
  • Every second finds Americans ordering 350 slices of pizza throughout the country.
  • Swedish styles of pizza sport some unconventional (some might say “heretical”) toppings, such as bananas.
  • Just about any pizza joint can slap anchovies on your pie, but the traditional pizza lover may shiver to discover the variety of pizza-topping seafood. (Mussels and tuna and clams? Oh my.)

How to celebrate National Pizza Party Day:

Host a pizza party. Gather your friends, your frenemies, and your relatives—and maybe some strangers while you’re at it. Go small with a living room pizza shindig, or throw a pizza blowout at a local pizza parlor.

What’s the hashtag for National Pizza Party Day?

Post pics of your pizza party with #PizzaPartyDay on social media.