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When is this day celebrated? May 17

What is pinkfix?

#pinkfix started in February of 2018 when Jessica Weaver launched the NEW version of her blog, Not Your Father’s Advisor. She began using the term get your pink fix to drive our fans to our website to gain what they needed that day to help them move forward with their money and life. Since then, it has morphed into being so much more than that. #pinkfix is now used for anything pink, for anything to do with our work, our community, and even with family! 

#pinkfix embodies:

  • Transformation, change, & level up 
  • Financial control, stability, confidence, security, freedom, & stability
  • Value, self-worth, & net-worth
  • Mindset, beliefs, & behaviors
  • Strong, confident, fabulous, courageous, inspiring, & encouraging

Pinkfix is not a quickfix. You see, a quick fix is what we are always looking for, but never ends up working for us. It is like a band-aid that works in the short term, but isn’t the REAL change we are looking for OR deserve. These people need a pinkfix, that what this is all about, a lasting change/impact/transformation on your life that you deserve and it all starts with your money. For the woman who just lost her husband and has no idea where all the money is, and is in a state of fear of how she’ll make ends meet. For the woman who wants to retire, but has a fear she’ll run out of money and be a burden on her kids. For the new mom, who is trying to run a household, go back to work, and be a role model to her daughter. These women don’t need a quick-fix to their life, they need a real transformation in their lives. They need a pinkfix that will give them a sense of calm, give them confidence they can do it, and give them the control back in their lives. We accomplish this with our pinkfix money and life strategies which combines community, commitment, and mentor-ship!

National Pinkfix Day is a day to help women gain awareness not just about their money, but the many opportunities out their to level up their lives. It is a day to put aside our masks, and be real about what is going on with our money, baggage, secrets, and all! The more we can shed, the more we can open up about our issues, which will drive us to the best course of action. Pinkfix is a day to celebrate our money baggage and issues, to stop hiding from them, so we can get the lasting transformation we are looking for.

#pinkfix is a life reset button, a reset to your money, to your mind, to your life, to your goals. It can be anything that helps you live your best life by pushing you out of your comfort zone. It raises the bar for your life, and challenges you in a positive way. It can be one BIG thing OR lots of little things that add up in a bigger way.