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When is National Pie Day?

National Pie Day occurs on December 1st.

What is National Pie Day?

The end of the year brings out the pies. Shouldn’t there be a day devoted to pie? Well, for our amusement and delight, there are several. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, National Pie Day celebrates this ageless dish.

Any baked dish filled with fruit or with meat and vegetables qualifies as a pie, though most also have a pastry cap and base. Cherry, apple, pumpkin, peach—we Americans love our desert pies. And while you won’t find many meat pies in the U.S. outside of Natchitoches, Louisiana, many Americans enjoy quiches as a savory breakfast or dinner pie.

With Christmas around the corner, National Pie Day is the perfect chance to focus on your pie craft with a little pre-season pastry practice.

Fun facts about National Pie Day!

  • Pieing, shoving a pie in someone’s face, is one of the most classic forms of slapstick comedy. Non-consensual pieing is a criminal offense though.
  • The first on-film pieing occurred in 1909.
  • One of Louisiana’s official state foods is the Natchitoches meat pie.
  • There are two National Pie Days. January 23rd is more popular, but the December 1st date might be older.

How to celebrate National Pie Day:

  • Enter a pie competition, and put your baking skills to the test. Try something classic like key lime or strawberry-rhubarb pie, or venture into the unknown with vinegar pie, avocado pie, or pickle and peanut butter pie.
  • If you don’t have pie-making skills, try it out with an easier pie. Look online for a simple recipe for apple, blackberry, or sweet potato pie.

What’s the hashtag for National Pie Day?

Post pictures of your pastry creations on social media with #NationalPieDay.