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When is this day celebrated? April 21

What is Pet CBD Day?

In April of 2016, David Louvet found a lump on his 9 year old rescue bulldog named Gordon, in May it was diagnosed as an aggressive lymphoma. 

With very little options of treatment at the time David and his family opted for chemo. Unfortunately, Gordo had a bad reaction.

David, the co-owner of Innovet Pet Products, started looking into alternative treatments and everything he learned pointed toward CBD hemp and/ or THC.
The Monday night of Gordo’s bad chemo reaction, the other founder of Innovet, Matt Terrill, ordered some CBD Hemp oil. However it didn’t arrive until Friday, and sadly Gordo never recovered from the chemo- he died in Matt’s arms that Thursday.  

Matt’s 16 year old blind Labrador Maximus had also been fighting nasal cancer since 2012, and that same week Maximus stopped walking or eating on his own. Matt was afraid he was about to watch both dogs die within days of each other. So, it was with very little hope that he gave Maximus the CBD Hemp oil. Not only was he walking, he was using his sense of smell to try and find more food because his appetite was back and he had wolfed down the bowl of food that he previously refused.

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You couldn’t have asked for more from Maximus…He was stubborn as hell and refused to give up. Maximus, the founder of Innovet, went blind by 8, cancer by 12, got to see his brother and lover go before him and even got to raise a few little ones before he left. We will always cherish the memories we had with him from the snowboard trips, beach trips, mile ocean swims, marathon races and the choose your own adventure escapades where he would finally return a few hours later with the biggest smile on his face 😊He was the epitome of a great dog and just gave life his all! Maximus made it to the ripe old age of 16 and left the world in peace surrounded with the loved ones he’s known since he was a puppy and even got to enjoy one last sunset 🌅 To think we started a business out of college for the needs of one dog out of a garage to where it is now is just crazy. We promise to continue your legacy and will always love & cherish you, but know that a true legend never dies 😊 Long live Maximus!! #ripMaximus #longliveMaximus

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The CBD Oil worked so well that Dave and Matt decided that it was something that we needed to get Innovet involved with and since it’s launch we have helped more than 500,000 pets. from there we ve been the leader in pet cbd looking for ways to help all pets from cancer, anxiety, aggression, mobility and seizures. 

Innovet founded National Pet CDB Day not to be about them, but about the oil and the countless pets that have been helped over the years.

How should this day be celebrated or observed?

By honoring all the pets who have lived a great life thanks to CBD oil.