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When is National Pastry Day?

National Pastry Day is celebrated on December 9th.

What is National Pastry Day?

Pastries have a long heritage. The ancient Egyptians enjoyed them. So did the Greeks and Romans. Mediterranean peoples have practiced the art of pastry-making for centuries, but the U.S. has made its own impression on pastry history too. So for National Pastry Day, we honor this delicious baked good, the ever-tasty pastry.

Good ol’ American apple pie falls in the pastry camp. So does baklava. Basic pastry recipes often begin with a dough made from flour, water, and butter, but pastries comes in a myriad of styles.

Some bakers stuff their pastries with cheese and meat. Others smother them in fruit spreads. And the Mediterranean region might be a pastry hotspot, but you’ll find pastries as far ranging as the Netherlands, the Philippines, Chile, and Tibet.

From classic breakfast sandwiches at greasy, Americana diners to pastry hearts straight out of a New York oven, we celebrate our love for pastries with National Pastry Day.

Fun facts about National Pastry Day!

  • The ancient Egyptians ate simple honey pastries that they dipped in wine.
  • Puff pastries like croissants, Danishes, and strudel use steam and paper-thin layers of dough to create that delectably wispy texture.
  • Croissants originally came to France out of Austria, but the French modified it into the croissants we recognize today.
  • The Danish, a classic breakfast pastry, was actually a French invention.
  • U.S. pastries tend to be sweeter than European pastries.

How to celebrate National Pastry Day:

Enjoy pastries throughout your day. You could have a cheese Danish for breakfast, follow with ham on a croissant for lunch, and then finish the day with chicken pot pie. The world is your pastry. Be adventurous.

What’s the hashtag for National Pastry Day?

Post your pastry celebrations on social media by using #NationalPastryDay.