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When is National Parents’ Day? National Parents’ Day always falls on the fourth Sunday of July. 

What is National Parents’ Day? What a great series of months: mothers in May, fathers in June, parents in July.

Good parents help to make good children, but it’s also true that good children help to make good parents. Parents need to be celebrated as much as anyone else. Our parents have shaped us into the people we are today and on this national day we get to recognize them. National Parents’ Day helps us not take for granted the sacrifice that our parents have made for us and love that they have shown us! They’re worth celebrating and today gives us that opportunity.

Fun fact about National Parents’ Day! This national day was set in motion by President Bill Clinton in 1994. He signed a bill which emphasizes the significance of parents in the family life. The research is conclusive: healthy parents nurture healthy families.

How to celebrate National Parents’ Day: There are many people who have become parent-like figures in my life simply because they have believed in me over the years. On a day like this, reach out to your folks and show them some love. Make something fun for them or take them out to just hang. This is a great time to love on the people who have loved on you.

So one way or another, reach out, get together, and celebrate those people that have celebrated you over the years — starting with your parents!

What is the hashtag for National Parents’ Day? To celebrate your folks, use #nationalparentsday!