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When is National Parents as Teachers Day?

November 8th is National Parents as Teachers Day?

What is National Parents as Teachers Day?

Imagine it: the preschool door stood open, and your parents hauled you in amidst your noncompliant wails. Or, you strode through the doorway yourself like you owned every last toy. Either way, there you were. How prepared were you that first day of preschool?

You probably don’t remember. It’s an important question for your children though. National Parents as Teachers Day encourages parents of young children to prepare their kids for success in school.

Research links parental involvement to childhood development. Reading with children from a young age and teaching them about nature and people can develop social abilities and confidence. They also give kids early access to reading and writing, skills that are fundamental to achievement in school.

And while this is especially true of young children, it also holds true for older kids. Parental involvement in education boosts children’s chances for success in school and beyond.

Fun facts about National Parents as Teachers Day!

  • Students with involved parents are more likely to achieve higher grades, have better social skills, and behave better.
  • The most accurate contributors to academic success are family involvement in the student’s education, how well conditions at home promote learning, and reasonably high expectations for student accomplishment.

How to celebrate National Parents as Teachers Day:

Research how you can prepare your children for the next stage of life. Read to your kids. Teach them something new, and invest your time in their education before they reach school age.

What’s the hashtag for National Parents as Teachers Day?

Spread the word on social media with #ParentsAsTeachersDay.