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What is National Pancake Day? This is a day to eat pancakes, whether for breakfast or dinner! In fact, pancakes can be served any time and with any toppings, ranging from syrups to sweet jams. Pancakes are also known as hotcakes or flapjacks.

What day is it celebrated? Actually there are two National Pancake Days. First, IHOP states on its web site that it began National Pancake Day in 2006. The date changes each year. In 2017 it was on March 7. It has not listed a date yet for 2018. On that day, you get a free short stack of our its Original Buttermilk Pancakes! IHOP asks you to make a donation to charity, and raises millions each year.

Others also claim to have started National Pancake day, which is to be celebrated on September 26. That day was first referred to as Lumberjack Day in 2005, but its creators changed the name to National Pancake Day to honor eating pancakes.

How to celebrate: If you love pancakes, why not celebrate it twice a year! If you celebrate it on the IHOP day, you can treat yourself to a free stack and make a donation to a worthy charity. You can also make up your own recipes and share them on social media on the other claimed national day.

What is the hashtag? There are several hashtags to use for National Pancake Day, including: #NationalPancakeDay, and #NatlPancakeDay.

What other national days are there for pancakes? Other national days have sprung up to celebrate pancakes, including:

  • Blueberry Pancake Day January 28

There are many other national days relating to food. In fact, National Day Archives has a separate category just for food. Browse it by using the category button on the top left of the webpage.