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When is National No Housework Day?

April 7th is National No Housework Day.

What is National No Housework Day?

Put the broom down. Step away from the broom. The dirty floor is not an emergency, so get off your feet. National No Housework Day is an occasion to ignore the chores, relax, and enjoy yourself.

Americans work hard. Whether it’s our career or the combination of work, kids, and our community, some of us are trapped in cycles of drudgery. Workaholics might work extra hours in order to escape difficult problems or to fight feelings of depression or anxiety. Other folks simply see an unending catalogue of tasks and can’t escape the to-do list long enough to relax.

Enter National No Housework Day. Spring cleaning needs to happen, but you can pick it up again tomorrow. Household management is a busy job, and someone has to do it, but not this day. Without ignoring the essential duties of life—the ones that keep you alive and employed—this is a day to throw out the to-do list and chill.

National No Housework Day reminds us that it’s okay to skip the chores every once in a while. Because sometimes we must fight to regain the freedom to unwind.

Fun facts about National No Housework Day!

  • On average, U.S. women do more housework than their male partners. However, women are more attracted to men who help with the chores.
  • More than 10 million Americans work 60-hour weeks.
  • Giving chores to kids teaches them responsibility, self-reliance, and useful life skills.
  • According to Agatha Christie, the best time to plan a book is while doing dishes. (Sounds like a great scheme for any day but National No Housework Day.)

How to celebrate National No Housework Day:

  • Leave the chores for another day.
  • Find a way to relax. Take the dog for a walk. Write a letter to a friend. Watch a movie. Go get coffee with a buddy. Read a book. Have yourself a much needed break.

What’s the hashtag for National No Housework Day?

Use #NoHouseWorkDay on social media to declare your abstinence from chores.