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When is National Nachos Day?

National Nachos Day occurs on November 6th.

What is National Nachos Day?

Cheese that doesn’t belong to you is ‘nacho’ cheese. Get it? Of course you do. Did that pun make you groan? Probably not loud enough, because that is ‘nacho’ average pun, and nachos are ‘nacho’ average snack, and National Nacho Day is ‘nacho’ average national celebration.

As a dish, nachos take many forms. They spent their early days topped with only cheese and jalapeños. Now not only will you find them covered in ground beef and refried beans, but you can make donut nachos, nacho lasagna, or even chocolate nachos without your family asking you to see a therapist.

Not that long ago (1943), an admirable restaurateur by the name of Ignacio Anaya—his patrons called him ‘Nacho,’ short for Ignacio—served hastily made fried tortilla strips with toppings for some afterhours guests in Piedras Negras, Mexico. From such a small start, nachos became a nationwide hit in the U.S. by 1949. Now, all year long nachos land on living room floors across the country during touchdowns, QB sacks, and other sensational sporting moments.

Fun facts about National Nachos Day!

  • Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya’s son tried and failed to trademark the name ‘nachos’ in the ‘60s, twenty years too late.
  • The FDA does not recognize nacho cheese as a specific kind of cheese, so nacho cheese can be any cheese you choose. It’s usually cheddar-based though.
  • Tortilla chips are actually a U.S. invention, not a Mexican one.

How to celebrate National Nachos Day:

Build yourself a nacho masterpiece. Rummage through the World Wide Web for that perfect recipe, or create it yourself in your own kitchen. Whatever you do, make it big enough to share and invite your friends.

What’s the hashtag for National Nachos Day?

Show your nachos some love on social media with #NationalNachosDay.