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When is National Motorcycle Ride Day?

The second Saturday of every October is National Motorcycle Ride Day.

What is National Motorcycle Ride Day?

Asphalt flashes past your feet. Your jacket flails in the wind, and heads turn as you lean into the curves. A bike ride on a sunny day is a classic American pastime. National Motorcycle Ride Day celebrates the exhilaration of these two-wheeled thrill machines.

National Motorcycle Ride Day remembers J. B. Dunlop, the man who developed the pneumatic tire in October of 1887. Previously, rubber tires were solid, but pneumatic tires use pressurized air to keep their shape. This technology allows for better shock absorption, a smoother ride on uneven terrain, and a world of off-road options for bikers. Dunlop’s invention makes motorcycles more fun and enables the high performance we have come to expect.

Whether they cruise in a chopper or point their dual sport to the mountains, motorcyclists unite on National Motorcycle Ride Day for a day of riding. So open the garage door, open the throttle, and hit the road.

Fun facts about National Motorcycle Ride Day!

  • The first steam powered motorcycle appeared in 1867 in Paris.
  • The land speed record for a motorcycle is 376.36 mph.
  • TOTO, a Japanese toilet company, created a motorcycle in 2012 with a 250 cc engine that runs on human waste. Yup.

How to celebrate National Motorcycle Ride Day:

Take the bike out and enjoy the fall colors. Meet up with your buddies or go solo. While you’re at it, visit your local motorcycle dealer to check out new gear and support your local economy. Talk it up and acquaint yourself with the motorcycle scene in your area.

What’s the hashtag for National Motorcycle Ride Day?

Take some pictures of your ride, and use #NationalMotorcycleRideDay to share them on social media.