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When is National Mother-in-Law Day?

The fourth Sunday in October is National Mother-in-Law Day.

What is National Mother-in-Law Day?

Maybe you’ve heard it before: you marry the family. When you say “I do,” you inherit a new set of siblings, parents, and cousins, and that includes your spouse’s mom. National Mother-in-Law Day celebrates the woman who raised your significant other and made them the person they are today.

Some women make terrific mothers-in-law. They’re supportive, sensible, and pleasant company. These ladies are easy to honor, even if their styles may be a bit different.

Not everybody gets along with their mother-in-law though, just as not everyone gets along with their mom. It’s a hard reality of life and marriage. If that’s your situation, National Mother-in-Law Day provides the opportunity to begin the (maybe long but definitely worthwhile) road to making peace.

Fun facts about National Mother-in-Law Day!

President Harry Truman’s mother-in-law scolded and derided him for his failures his whole marriage, even after he was elected president!

Gene Howe, publisher of the Amarillo Globe newspaper, first proposed Mother-in-Law Day in 1934 to atone for belittling his own mother-in-law in his editorial column.

How to celebrate National Mother-in-Law Day:

Invite your mother-in-law over for dinner. Then ask for all the funny and embarrassing stories of your spouse’s childhood. Maybe warn your other half though.

Send your mother-in-law a card or a letter—or even a telegram!—thanking her for at least one good quality she passed on to your spouse.

What’s the hashtag for National Mother-in-Law Day?

Give your mother-in-law a shout out on social media with #MotherInLawDay.