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When is National Milk Day?

National Milk Day is January 11th.

What is National Milk Day?

A chocolate chip cookie demands an accompanying glass of milk. Milk saves us from too-spicy food and acts as the foundation of a good bowl of cereal. It’s also pretty good by itself. To celebrate milk, National Milk Day holds aloft this refreshing, nutritious beverage.

Few things say classic Americana like the milkman. National Milk Day falls on January 11 because, according to Alexander Campbell, that’s the date his dairy company started delivering bottled milk in 1878. In those days of yore—before World War II—the milkman drove his milk truck or a horse drawn cart along a short delivery route, milk bottles clinking in the back. He would replace empty milk bottles with fresh ones, all while sporting a bowtie and white suit.

Rising milk prices put the milkman out of business and moved milk sales to the stores. However, 95% of American dairy farms are still owned and operated by families today.

So have yourself a glass of milk on National Milk Day.

Fun facts about National Milk Day!

  • Milk is a great post-workout recovery drink—especially chocolate milk.
  • Cleopatra bathed in milk to rejuvenate her skin.
  • Skim milk is more hydrating to the body than water itself.
  • Fresh milk with an added pinch of salt per quart will stay fresh longer.
  • Though cities like Chicago started to require pasteurization back in 1908, Michigan was the first state to enact pasteurization laws.

How to celebrate National Milk Day:

Drink a cold glass of milk. Stir in some chocolate syrup, dip a cookie in it, or just drink it plain.

What’s the hashtag for National Milk Day?

Share pics of your milk mustache on social media with #NationalMilkDay.