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National Military Podcast Day

When is National Military Podcast Day? This day will take place on October 5 of each calendar year.

What is National Military Podcast Day? We want to celebrate the Military Podcasters using their platforms as a way to promote their business, share stories, or simply as a therapeutic way to speak what they have bottled up inside! We want to chisel out a day that recognizes these individuals. October 6, 2001, marked the beginning of Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and we’d like to preface this day of remembrance with a day of celebration!

Why is this day being celebrated? Veterans often use podcasting as a therapeutic way of dealing with what they encountered in the military. We want to celebrate this since one of the best ways of dealing with PTSD is discussing it. We want to encourage veterans to start a podcast and just talk. We think creating this day would help encourage this action!

How should this day be celebrated or observed?

  • Use #MilitaryPodcastDay to engage with others veteran podcasters talking about the event.
  • Grab your mic and camera, ask someone about their favorite podcast. Share the response on social media!
  • Promote by posting the official banner image on your website.
  • Change your social media image to the International Podcast Day logo.
  • Explain to someone what a podcast is and get them hooked.
  • Share your favorite podcast with someone (coworker, friend, teammate).
  • Send feedback to your favorite podcasters and tell them thank you.
  • Provide a rating and review in Apple Podcasts or other platforms.
  • Subscribe to a new show and talk about it using #MilitaryPodcastDay.

Who created this day? This day was created in April 2021 by Broken Jarhead, LLC, and is owned by OHIOWA Management Group as of July 2024.