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When will this Day be celebrated?   November 5th of each calendar year.

What is National National Men’s Hair Color Confidence Day?

Men’s Hair Color Confidence Day is a day to build confidence, break paradigms and normalize hair color for men. Men should not let the color of their hair diminish their self worth.

Men should not be shy to talk about their insecurities and this is a day to build confidence that if you don’t want to go gray, you can color your hair the way you want.

Why is this day being created?

In research with 2,000 Men we discovered that 50% of Men in America today do have gray hair and that an impressive 44% of them feel insecure about it. While for some going gray is a sign of maturity, clearly for others this is a sign of stress. Life is too hard… going gray shouldn’t be a stress point.

Men’s Hair Color Confidence Day is a day to celebrate that men can also have their hair colored the way they want. Be it Gray, Brown… Red or even Blue! Let’s celebrate Men’s Hair Color Confidence Day together!

How should this day be celebrated?

While 50% of men do have grays, that’s clearly not what we see on the streets today – which means that men are already coloring their hair but just not talking about it. Besides PR, we can have influencers, celebrities and even regular people confessing that they do color their hair and why? This movement will help other men to feel confident about it. It is easy, fast… this should not be a stress point.

Who created this day?  This day was created by L’Oreal Paris in 2022.