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What day is National Margarita Day celebrated? February 22

What is National Margarita Day? Millions of people love their margaritas, which is a cocktail consisting of tequila, triple sec, and either lime or lemon juice. For connoisseurs, it is important to use freshly squeezed juice. In addition, the bartender usually edges the rim of the glass with salt. Today, other popular flavors include strawberry, mango, watermelon, pomegranate, raspberry and blackberry.

It is not certain when the classic margarita was invented, but it is believe to be in the 1930’s or 1940’s. Frozen margaritas first appeared in the 1970’s when a bartender used his soft serve ice cream to make a frozen margarita. Today, the margarita is the most common tequila based cocktail in the U.S. The margarita rose in popularity partly due to the 1977 Jimmy Buffett song “Margaritaville.”

Who created the day? Many bartenders claim to have invented this national day. One of them is Todd McCalla, who claims to have founded National Margarita Day to spread his love for margaritas around the world. He has his own website dedicated to this special day.

How to celebrate: Try a new flavor or simply enjoy your favorite margarita. Take a friend with you to enjoy your drink, and even bring a designated driver or take a cab or Uber home. Be sure to drink responsibly.

What is the hashtag? The hashtag for National Margarita Day is #NationalMargaritaDay

What other national days are there for margaritas or drinks? There are many other national days relating to alcoholic drinks, such as National Beer Day on April 7. In fact, National Day Archives has a separate category just for Drinks/Alcohol/Coffee. Browse this subcategory by using the category button on the top left of the webpage. Under the main category of Food/Health you will find the subcategory for Drinks/Alcohol/Coffee.