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When is National Liqueur Day?

October 16 is National Liqueur Day.

What is National Liqueur Day?

White Russians, Black Russians, Irish Car Bombs, Cosmos—liqueurs sit at the heart of all these drinks. You can drink liqueurs straight or mix them with just about anything under the sun, and National Liqueur Day celebrates the variety and versatility of liqueurs.

A liqueur is not liquor, though both are distilled. How do you tell the difference? Liqueurs are usually sweeter, more syrupy and fragrant, and lower in alcohol content than liquor, though there are exceptions. Spirits are often the base for liqueurs, with sweeteners and flavors added after distillation.

There’s a liqueur for everyone’s palate, from the more common berry, coffee and chocolate flavors to the exotic licorice and flower liqueurs. Have you ever had a liqueur made of artichoke, or egg yolk?

With the myriad of flavors available, you can probably find a taste you haven’t tried, so get out there and try something new!

Fun facts about National Liqueur Day!

  • Liqueurs usually lie between 15% and 30% alcohol by volume.
  • You might hear liqueurs called cordials in the states, but outside the U.S., the term ‘cordials’ can also refer to some non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Distillers do not age liqueurs like they age liquor, but they will allow the liqueur to rest for a short time so that the flavors marry.

How to celebrate National Liqueur Day:

Get some friends together and enjoy some liqueur. You could experiment at home with cocktail recipes online. If you go out for a liqueur night on the town, be responsible—don’t drink and drive.

What’s the hashtag for National Liqueur Day?

Take a pic of your chosen liqueur, and share on social media with #NationalLiqueurDay.