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When will National Life Teammates® Day be celebrated? October 14th of each calendar year.

What is National Life Teammates® Day? Life Teammates® day is the day where all of us are challenged to recognize and reach out to the best friends in our life. Our “life friends”, our “life teammates” who we will always be there for in their times of need because we know they will always be there for us. Life teammates deliver hope and create a culture where it is “Okay to not be Okay” because we have each other.

How should National Life Teammates® Day be celebrated or observed? Because mental illness is growing rapidly in today’s society. We need to be able to talk about it to help erase the stigma. Life Teammates are those friends who are not afraid to share their love!  In this crazy world, we could all use a “Love Ya Man” from a friend!

Why was National Life Teammates® Day created? The Will To Live Foundation is a nonprofit that was formed by a family who lost their son Will to mental illness and suicide. The foundation’s mission is to raise the awareness of teen suicide, increase education of mental illness, and to teach teens they have the power to Deliver Hope to each other! Will was a wonderful teammate and his passing created the concept of Life Teammates® by encouraging teens, young adults and their families to recognize that love and hope can be found in the eyes of their friends – their Life Teammates! So on this National Life Teammates Day, drop a “Love Ya Man” on a friend and increase your Will To Live!

Who created this day? This day was created by the Will To Live Foundation in 2022.