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What day is National Lemonade Day celebrated? National Lemonade Day is always the first Sunday in May.

What is National Lemonade day? On the surface, National Lemonade Day is a great time to drink a delicious cup of lemonade. But going deeper, this national day allows children to learn about business in a fun and creative environment. National Lemonade Day aims at creating a fun and interactive experience for children as they learn the value of hard work the greater community setting. This incredible day was founded by Michael and Lisa Holthhouse in 2007. The Holthouse family have established this movement through the website

Fun Facts!

  • In 2013, 250,000 children took part in National Lemonade Day!
  • National Lemonade Day was sparked when Lisa Holthouse wanted to buy a turtle as a kid but couldn’t find the money to buy her own beautiful-slow-moving-pet. Lisa set up her own lemonade stand, was able to buy herself the turtle, and now hundreds of thousands of kids are learning about business values through National Lemonade Day.
  • has a strong partnership with Google in supporting National Lemonade Day.
  • Every year kids from all over the country get to prepare alongside of their friends and families as they create their own business. Workshop classes, purchasing of items, creating an inventory, and establishing a location are all part of the wonderful process that goes into this national day!

How to celebrate: Be on the lookout for lemonade stands throughout your town or city to help support these sprouting entrepreneurs. Also, visit to show how the local community is getting involved. The best way to celebrate this engaging day is to get yourself and some kids a stand of your own and experience building your own business from scratch.

What is the hashtag? The Twitter hashtag for National Lemonade Day is #NationalLemonadeDay