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When is Law Day?

Law Day is May 1st.

What is Law Day?

Good laws promote freedom. It’s counter-intuitive, but true. Law Day celebrates freedom and encourages respect for the law as an essential component of democracy.

Humans thrive under humane laws. Crime syndicates, gangs, and domestic abusers, these are the kinds of people who can restrict our liberty. They cramp and confine our ability to act by hurting us, threatening us, and preying on our fears. Well-written and enforced laws relieve this constriction and give us the freedom to build wholesome and productive communities.

On Law Day, attorneys visit schools and attend luncheons to discuss justice, liberty, and the American legal system. The American Bar Association, which first suggested Law Day, chooses a theme every year, such as the importance of voting or the separation of governmental powers.

Equality and justice under the law are foundational to democracy. Law Day is the chance to rededicate ourselves to these ideals and to appreciate the liberties our laws provide.

Fun facts about Law Day!

It is said that police receive reports about only 10% of crimes. Non-reporting victims likely worry that the police can’t enforce the law, cops won’t believe them, or the offense is too minor.

The ABA proposed Law Day in 1957, President Eisenhower declared it in 1958, and the U.S. Congress approved it in 1961.

Some states have weird laws. Deleware law makes it illegal to sell the fur of a domestic dog or cat, and Hawaii forbids the use of billboards.

How to celebrate Law Day:

Attend an event that discusses the American legal system and the workings of democracy.

Talk to your school about inviting attorneys into the classroom to teach your kids about good laws.

What’s the hashtag for Law Day?

Use #LawDay on social media to celebrate freedom and justice.