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When will National Ken Block Day be celebrated? April 3rd of each calendar year.

What is National Ken Block Day? National Ken Block Day on April 3rd commemorates the legacy of Ken Block, celebrating his vast contributions to motorsports, action sports, and automotive culture. This day honors Block’s racing number “43”, and his innovation, creativity, and dedication, remembering his impact through the viral Gymkhana series and his ventures like DC Shoes and Hoonigan. It’s a tribute to his spirit of adventure and his influence on car enthusiasts and action sports communities worldwide.

How should National Ken Block Day be celebrated or observed? Block’s legacy has influenced so many, a non-profit foundation, 43 Institute was started to continue his legacy to help create paths of opportunity for the exceptionally driven who may lack the proper support system for growth and success in action sports, motorsports, and the creative arts. This also fosters a community united by innovation, determination, and passion. Making this an annual occurrence will ensure Ken Block’s spirit continues to inspire and empower future generations, maintaining a vibrant celebration of his contributions to the sports and automotive world.

Why was National Ken Block Day created? National Ken Block Day on April 3 was created to honor the legacy of Ken Block, a visionary in action sports, motorsports, and automotive culture. Block, renowned for his dynamic approach to rally driving and co-founding DC Shoes, brought unprecedented innovation and creativity to everything he touched. His race number, 43, symbolizes not just his competitive spirit but his significant contributions to blending action sports with entrepreneurship. Through his viral Gymkhana video series, Block redefined motorsport for the digital age, bringing rally driving to a global audience and showcasing his exceptional skills and inventive spirit. Celebrating this day annually would not only pay tribute to Block’s influential legacy but also inspire future generations to pursue their passions with the same intensity, innovation, and commitment Block demonstrated throughout his life.

Who created this day? This day was created by Pam Zam in 2024.