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When is National Junk Food Day?

National Junk Food Day is July 21st.

What is National Junk Food Day?

Eat the breakfast of champions and watch your sodium intake, but live a little too. It’s exhausting to constantly guard your gut against all forms of nutritional sabotage. On National Junk Food Day, we rest from that vigilance and unite to consume our favorite treats.

It’s a chance to relax the diet. National Junk Food Day is not about overeating though. You can overdo it any day of the year. And, regardless of which national holiday it happens to be, you’ll feel just as lousy afterwards.

The rules are simple. Junk food is a broad category. Anything with a lousy ratio of nutrition-to-calories qualifies. That light salad will fill you up as well as that burger topped with fried onions drowned in mayonnaise and bacon, but you can guess which one is more nourishing.

This is the day to eat the burger.

Undaunted by food shaming, and confident that we can burn it off later, we celebrate National Junk Food Day as a chance to indulge, guilt-free, in the foods we love but can’t usually justify.

Fun facts about National Junk Food Day!

  • Pick a day, any day, and a third of American adults—more than 84 million people—are eating fast food on that day.
  • The average American’s sweet tooth munches more than 24 pounds of candy a year, as well as nearly 20 pounds of ice cream.
  • Advertising to children constitutes a whopping $2 billion per year investment for the U.S. food and beverage industry.

How to celebrate National Junk Food Day:

  • Enjoy your favorite junk foods. Gobble up your favorite chips, or guzzle some kind of sugar-loaded carbonated beverage. Buy lunch fried. Indulge your sweet tooth. Give yourself a break and order takeout for dinner.
  • Complement your junk food binge by burning it off. Walk the dog, mow the lawn, and make an achievable plan for daily exercise.

What’s the hashtag for National Junk Food Day?

Post your junk food plans on social media with #NationalJunkFoodDay.