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When is International Day of Forests?

March 21st is International Day of Forests.

What is International Day of Forests?

People used to fear the forests. That’s where wolves and bears and robbers lived. That’s still true in some places, but our understanding of the world is changing. International Day of Forests celebrates the importance of forests and promotes ways to sustain and protect them. 

What good are standing forests? Lots of good. Forests protect our watersheds—land areas that channel rainfall and snowmelt to creeks and rivers—by keeping excessive sediment from pouring into our waterways. They balance the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. And if that’s not enough, forests house half of the species of plants and animals on the planet.

On International Day of Forests, we resist the wanton destruction of the world’s forests in favor of a more ecologically sensitive use of the woods. Because more than ever before, we now recognize the beauty of woodlands, their usefulness, and their need for protection.

Fun facts about International Day of Forests!

  • The oldest tree is 4,800 years old.
  • Trees don’t die of old age, and they are the longest living organisms.
  • Pine cones have genders, sort of. Seeds grow in female pine cones, and the males release pollen.
  • Ivy does not strangle trees or steal nutrients like a parasite. Vines do, however, slurp up some of the water and nutrients the tree would otherwise use.

How to celebrate International Day of Forests:

  • Join a campaign to plant trees. Or plant some in your own backyard. Consider planting fruit trees, or plant a row of shelter trees to soften noise from a nearby road.
  • Learn how to take care of the trees around your home. Cut vines off the trees so they get more water and nutrients. If you have a lot of trees on your property, ask a tree service to thin the woods to make room for the trees to grow to a healthy maturity.

What’s the hashtag for International Day of Forests?

Use #IntlForestDay on social media to advocate for the world’s woodlands.