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When is International Customs Day?

January 26th is International Customs Day.

What is International Customs Day?

It’s likely that you are reading this article on a screen that was built in a different country. Worldwide trade puts cutting edge technology in our pockets and often gives us those very same pockets. In gratitude for our imported jeans, for the global exchange of technology and goods, and for the ease of travelling between countries, we celebrate International Customs Day.

Customs officers protect us from illegal trade and theft. Their systems might seem burdensome when we’re waiting in the airport customs line, but the system has many benefits, especially for international shipping and transport. National security and a stable economy depend on a good customs program. Customs regulates hazardous materials while also safeguarding our crops and wildlands from invasive species.

You might never see customs officers at work. Anytime you see something made in China, Taiwan, or Belgium though, you can be thankful these folks enabled a smooth transaction. International Customs Day is the perfect day to express that gratitude.

Fun facts about International Customs Day!

  • Global trade boosts American prosperity and helps fight global poverty at the same time.
  • The Customs Co-operation Council, predecessor to the World Customs Organization, established International Customs Day on its 30th anniversary in 1983.
  • At first, only 17 European countries participated. Now, the World Customs Organization has 180 member countries, making up 98% of international trade.

How to celebrate International Customs Day:

  • Take 15 minutes to look through your electronics, clothes, and food to discover the different countries that made your goods.
  • Research the work of your customs officers. Find out how they affect international trade, and see if any customs agencies near you are holding public outreach events.

What’s the hashtag for International Customs Day?

Post your appreciation for global trade on social media by using #InternationalCustomsDay.