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When is this day celebrated? October 15

What is National HSA Awareness Day? 

National HSA Awareness Day is the annual day dedicated to bringing the public and the healthcare benefits industry together to discuss the power of a health savings account (HSA) and its ability to impact some of the most prevalent issues Americans face today, such as: managing current health-related out-of-pocket expenses, preparing for unexpected healthcare costs, and planning for retirement.

Who founded this day? This day was founded by WEX Health in 2019. 

How to celebrate: 

National HSA Awareness Day is the perfect time to take the following actions: 

  •  Confirm that you are eligible for an HSA from your employers. Understand what is offered to you regarding healthcare account options. (i.e. does your employer also contribute to your HSA? How much? How does this compare to other medical reimbursement options? How does it compare to other retirement account options?) 
  • Use this day to educate yourself on your healthcare account offerings so that you’re ready to make educated choices regarding your healthcare account elections during Open Enrollment. By spending time now learning more about HSAs, you’ll know that you’re making the right choice for you and your family during open enrollment (which is typically from November – December). 
  • Check out the IRS site to understand HSA annual contribution limits and how you can maximize your healthcare dollars. HSAs allow you to make tax-free contributions and tax-free distributions (for qualified expenses). 
  • Tune into the National HSA Awareness Day broadcast, hosted by WEX Health via social media, to learn more about how others are utilizing HSAs to build financial preparedness. 
  • Talk to your HR team to understand your specific HSA offerings. 
  • Meet with your local broker to learn more about HSAs. 
  • Share your HSA success story with your friends, coworkers and others. Help spread the word on how HSAs can provide you with triple-tax savings.

Employers and health benefit administrators can participate in and support HSA Awareness Day as well, so they are better prepared to help employees understand and take advantage of the many benefits these accounts provide in improving the financial health of Americans.