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When is National Housewife’s Day?

November 3rd is National Housewife’s Day.

What is National Housewife’s Day?

Name a single job that on a daily basis requires market analysis, personnel supervision, purchasing management, and strategic execution, among other things. How about housewife? It’s incredible what these women can accomplish in a single day, and National Housewife’s Day celebrates their ingenuity and persistence in performing the complex tasks of home management.

Many of these ladies have elected not to continue in professional careers. Instead, they choose to focus on running their own homes. Others are not in a position to return to full time occupations. Regardless of their reasons, National Housewife’s Day presents us the opportunity to celebrate these ladies who keep our homes going.

Some of these gals prefer to be called family managers or domestic engineers because these titles indicate the complexity of the responsibilities they handle every day. These ladies often bear the primary burden of raising children and prepare the majority of food consumed in the home, but this is not always the case. As traditional gender categories of tasks shift, you might find these woman changing the oil in the car, mowing the lawn, or working the stock market with the family finances.

These ladies work hard, just like you. So take some time to celebrate the housewife in your life today.

Fun facts about National Housewife’s Day!

  • The percentage of stay-at-home moms reached an all-time low of 23% in 1999, but it increased to 29% of mothers by 2014.
  • Freud thought women were inherently childlike and destined only for the position of housewives. (And this guy was the father of modern Psychology? Yikes!)
  • One fourth of stay-at-home moms in 2014 had college degrees.

How to celebrate National Housewife’s Day:

Celebrate the housewife in your life by giving her a day off. Take over her part of the division of labor for a day, and let her get out of the house for a manicure, a day at the shooting range, or whatever else it is she likes to do. Praise her hard work and creativity, and express your gratitude for her part in making the world a better place.

What’s the hashtag for National Housewife’s Day?

Give these ladies a shout on social media using #NationalHousewifesDay.