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National Hospital at Home Patients Day

What is National Hospital at Home Patients Day?

For patients with serious or complex conditions who may experience frequent hospitalization, access to hospital care at home can ease the disruption of a hospital admission while enabling needed care. Though the data is early, Hospital at Home care is demonstrating superior outcomes to facilities-based care.

How should National Hospital at Home Patients Day be celebrated?

Patients should celebrate the care teams that make home hospital care possible, care teams should celebrate the increase in patient access to care via home hospitalization.

Why was National Hospital at Home Patients Day created?

Medically Home’s first patient, Chuck Vannoy, completed his home hospitalization on June 12th of 2017, becoming a pioneer in his 90’s that has advanced a movement for patients and a new standard of care for the nation. The day will raise awareness for patients and caregivers so that families know that if they need hospital care, they can get it where and when they need it, including in their homes.