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When is National Horse Protection Day?

March 1st is National Horse Protection Day.

What is National Horse Protection Day?

When you think of horses, maybe you imagine cowboys trekking across the open range or stallions roaming free on the land. Do you think of a starving bag of bones on an auction block? It’s sad, but starvation is the most common form of horse abuse. National Horse Protection Day advocates for the adoption and care of neglected and abused horses.

Horses were man’s best friend before dogs and cars replaced them. Farmers and cavalry throughout history have relied on the horsepower of their equine friends, and friends they have been. Horses are intelligent, emotional creatures that form bonds with their riders.

Not all horses have a friend though. They’re expensive to keep, so some suffer from neglect and starvation when their owners hit financial rough patches. Horses also find themselves victims of shoddy slaughter operations.

The mighty steed inspires the intrepid American spirit. On National Horse Protection Day, we show our awe and gratitude as we fight for their lives.

Fun facts about National Horse Protection Day!

  • Horse eyes are the largest among all land mammals, and they can move them independently. They can’t see straight ahead or directly behind them though.
  • Scientists say horses can kick with the force of their own body weight, and they can weigh more than half a ton.
  • A horse costs about $2,300 a year to keep.
  • Almost 70% of horse rescue operations around the country don’t have space for more animals, so 40% of horses in need of rescue get turned away at the door.
  • Colleen Page, pet lifestyle expert and animal advocate created National Horse Protection Day back in 2005.

How to celebrate National Horse Protection Day:

  • Adopt a horse! If that’s not an option, sponsor a horse at a shelter near you. If you have the room but can’t take in a horse long-term, consider foster care.
  • If any horse owners in your community have experienced illness or financial losses, walk or feed their horses to share their burden.
  • Organize a food drive with horse lovers to feed horses in need near you.

What’s the hashtag for National Horse Protection Day?

Promote horse adoption by using #HorseProtectionDay on social media.