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When is this day? December 26

What is this day? December 26th is statistically the prime day to put an offer on a house for optimal savings.  Homeownership means different things to different people, especially through the generations. As housing crises occur in different markets, it is important to support and celebrate homeownership and what that does for our economy and the stability of our citizens. National Homeowners Day celebrated all homeowners past, present, and future! 

Who created this day? This day was founded by Paisley Vartanian in 2020. 

How should this day be celebrated? Future homeowners can use this date to make a strategic offer. Current homeowners can use this date to celebrate and nurture their investment by doing what most makes your house a home, or scheduling any deferred maintenance repairs. Past homeowners can use this day to celebrate that chapter with family reminiscing and educating others about their experience.