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When is National Homebrew Day?

National Homebrew Day is the first Saturday in May

What is National Homebrew Day?

It doesn’t take 125-gallon drums or an international shipping schedule to brew beer. Anyone can do it. With time and patience, they can do it well too. National Homebrew Day celebrates the smallest scale of beer craftsmanship and the ease of entry into a homebrewing hobby.

It doesn’t take much more than some malted grains, hops, and yeast to make a fine beer. Homebrew kits are easily accessible. Recipes, how-to videos, and detailed explanations abound on the internet. Whether it’s a 5-gallon or 1-gallon batch you want, inexpensive equipment is a few clicks away.

But there’s room to grow too. Ales and Kölsch sit at the easier end of the spectrum. Lagers are significantly more finicky though, requiring greater care and even special equipment to maintain the right temperature during fermentation.

With a low barrier of entry as well as high levels of mastery, homebrewing makes for an enthralling and delicious hobby. So, here’s to National Homebrew Day, a day to honor the millennia-old tradition of homespun beer craftsmanship.

Fun facts about National Homebrew Day!

Homebrewing only became legal in 1978.

The first National Homebrew Day occurred ten years later in 1988, inaugurated before Congress by the American Homebrewers Association.

The last states to finally allow homebrewing were Mississippi (March 2013) and Alabama (May 2013).

President Obama released a recipe for White House Honey Brown Ale in 2012.

How to celebrate National Homebrew Day:

Engage in the fine art and timeless hobby of homebrewing. Get your friends together as you start a fresh batch. If you plan far enough in advance, you can enjoy a previous batch of homebrew while you whip up a new one.

What’s the hashtag for National Homebrew Day?

Share your love for homebrewing with #NationalHomebrewDay on social media.