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When is National Greasy Food Day?

October 25th is National Greasy Food Day.

What is National Greasy Food Day?

A daily deep fried snickers might not be the best diet choice, but you can eat one at least once a year, right? You sure can. National Greasy Food Day gives us the perfect annual excuse to relax our nutrition discipline—even if only for a day—and enjoy the greasy foods we love.

If you picked one day a year to indulge in fatty foods, what would be your poison? Home-style fried chicken, a pan of hash browns and thick-cut bacon, a bag of kettle  chips sprinkled with some exotic seasoning, French fries fresh from the fryer—there are some solid choices out there.

But our favorite fatty foods don’t have to be heart-attack packages. Some oils are healthier than others, and you don’t always have to drown something in oil to fry it.

Whatever your greasy go-to dish, National Greasy Food Day provides the opportunity to enjoy it.

Fun facts about National Greasy Food Day!

  • On average, Americans eat 29 pounds of French fries each year.
  • Funnel cakes might have come from medieval Persia, but we can probably thank the Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants for their current form—batter drizzled into hot oil and deep fried.
  • The word ‘bacon’ goes back to German and refers to a pig’s back.
  • Doughnut makers produce over 10 billion donuts a year.

How to celebrate National Greasy Food Day:

Treat yo self. Make a mess o’ bacon and a pan of hash browns for breakfast. Grab some fast food for lunch. See if there’s a county fair nearby for an assortment of deep fried delicacies. Indulge for a day. Just don’t make yourself sick.

What’s the hashtag for National Greasy Food Day?

Post on social media with #GreasyFoodsDay to give a shout out to your favorite greasy foods.