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When is National Grandparents Day?

National Grandparents Day is the Sunday after Labor Day.

What is National Grandparents Day?

This country didn’t rise out of the sea. Hard-working, resourceful people built it. National Grandparents Day honors the parents of our parents for their part in creating the world we inhabit.

Even one grandparent can be a mine of information. These people have lived through sweeping changes. They’ve overcome challenges and acquired decades of experience with people and organizations. Maybe it will take some work, but many of us can learn volumes from our grandparents if we put in the time.

Marian McQuade campaigned for National Grandparents Day and gets credit as its founder. She encouraged younger people to “adopt” a grandparent for life and learn from his or her contributions.

Fun facts about National Grandparents Day!

  • The forget-me-not is the official flower of National Grandparents Day.
  • Nations all over the world celebrate National Grandparents Day on different days. Some, like Poland, split it up and hold a different Grandma’s Day and Grandpa’s Day.
  • At the time of her death, Marian McQuade had 43 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren to boot. She was mother to 15 children.
  • President Jimmy Carter signed National Grandparents Day into law in 1978.

How to celebrate National Grandparents Day:

  • Spend time with your grandparents. Ask them about their history, where they lived in the past, what feats they are most proud to have accomplished.
  • Adopt a grandparent for life, not just one day a year. Find a neighbor or a resident at a nursing home whose kids don’t visit often, or who never had kids. Visit once a week, and spend time talking, playing games, or just listening to music.

What’s the hashtag for National Grandparents Day?

Use #NationalGrandparentsDay on social media to honor your grandparents.