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When is this day celebrated? August 12

What is Gooey Butter Cake? Gooey Butter Cake is a tasty treat consisting of a yeast cake base covered with a “goo” mixture and dusted with powdered sugar. It is sticky and chewy and very delicious. This ultra-sweet treat is a St. Louis tradition and available in local bakeries all around the city of St. Louis. It is generally served as a type of coffee cake.

St. Louis legend goes that in the 1930s, a local German baker added too much butter to his coffee cake batter, stuck it in the oven, and sold the gooey result anyway. National Gooey Butter Cake Day is a day to celebrate this delicious accident. 

Who created this day? This day was founded by Schnuck Markets in 2019. 

How should this day be celebrated? Enjoying a slice of Gooey Butter Cake is the best way to celebrate. If you can’t find it, try making it! Add fruit, chocolate, or caramel to take this treat to the next level!