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When is National Go and Do Good Day? National Go and Do Good Day will be celebrated on January 15th of each calendar year.

What is National Go and Do Good Day? This “Go and Do Good” philosophy has the power to transform tomorrows and change people’s lives. Positive change is worth the pursuit and finding ways to put people first is at the core of “Go and Do Good.” This day is about good deeds big and small, putting the greater good ahead of personal gain.

Why is this day being created? Brian Vesely, co-founder of Alpaca Audiology, lives his life every day by this motto and encourages his team to strive to change people’s lives by simple, good gestures. We may not always know the impact of these small good deeds but that never makes it less important to “Go and Do Good.” January 15th is his birthday and we hope to honor his legacy now and into the future.

How should this day be celebrated? This day could be celebrated in a variety of ways–acts of kindness, acts of service, or kind words/gestures. It could be observed individually or as a team. In some instances, an organization could grant staff time to perform a service that supports a greater vision for a community.