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When is this day? April 26

What is this day? After the traditional promotion of “Spring Cleaning,” “National Garage Day” is intended to promote & encourage favorable thoughts & attitude toward effective creativity & productivity as it pertains to ones organization & use of their garage (a primary location for storage & hobbies). Since a garage is the place where many pursue hobbies, build projects, clean & store collectibles as well as entertain, a day of recognition to promote these activities seems most fitting.

Who created this day? This day was founded by Garage Condos, LLC in 2020. 

How should this day be celebrated? National Garage Day is intended to be observed by organizing & utilizing ones garage space to its highest potential. One should celebrate the day by decorating, enjoying a hobby, maintaining a collection as well as invite guests to use the optimized garage space for an event or enjoyable gathering to show off the collections as well as reflect on the fulfillment that a garage space brings.