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When is this day? September 21

What is this day? National “Garage Condo Day” is a day of recognition for what Garage Condominiums have contributed to consumers as it pertains to large-format storage on a national level over the past 20+ years.

Since their inception in 1999, Garage Condos have revolutionized storage by creating the ability to personally own an individual storage unit. A Garage Condo unit provides thousands of current and future owners an abundantly spacious, private, secure, safe place to store and productively access personal items and vehicles without encroaching upon their personal “living” space. With electrical power, abundant lighting, and even running water in the units, these are ideal places for individuals and groups to work on projects and pursue hobbies. The recent rise in locations being constructed nationally certainly supports our belief in the necessity and desirability of such a product. Recognizing these Garage Condos can encourage others to research and purchase their own unit, which we believe, will enrich their lives with an investment that provides an economical as well as emotional “peace of mind” that is definitely worthy of a day of recognition and celebration.

Who created this day? This day was founded in 2020 by Garage Condos, LLC.

How should this day be celebrated or observed? Owners can share stories and photos of their personal Garage Condo storage space and what kind of productivity the unit has provided as it pertains to both personal and professional storage of vehicles, items and projects. These stories can be shared on social media platforms, open houses (garages) and with the variety of storage related organizations nationwide. Builders can promote their facilities to residents in order to provide awareness of the ability to own a Garage Condo.