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When is National Food Day?

National Food Day occurs on October 24th.

What is National Food Day?

We expect clean, high quality fuel for our cars, so why don’t we look at food the same way? Food fuels our bodies with energy and nutrients, and it brings people together around restaurant booths and dinner tables. National Food Day celebrates the power of good food.

Healthy food sometimes gets a bad rap, but it has some friends in the public sector. The Center for Science in the Public Interest established National Food Day to encourage people to eat well.

Activists use this day to promote vegetables, fruits, protein raised in sustainable ways, and whole grains, instead of sugary drinks, overly salted foods, and processed meats. Food advocates campaign for policy changes, like enabling better access to healthy food grown on local farms.

Good food nourishes us and brings us together, so get out there and enjoy some real food!

Fun facts about National Food Day!

  • You’ve probably heard of ‘empty calories.’ You’ll find them in soda, chips, fruit drinks, and pizza. These calories provide energy but lack the vitamins and minerals you need for peak performance.
  • The typical American eats too much sugar, sodium, refined grains, saturated fat, and solid fat (like beef or pork fat), according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • All foods provide nutrients and calories. Healthy eating is all about the ratio of nutrients to calories. The more nutrients to calories you eat, the healthier your diet.
  • There are more than twice as many fast food restaurants now as there were in the ‘70s.

How to celebrate National Food Day:

Gather the family, and cook a meal together. Discover which ingredients are in season so that you can enjoy fresh, colorful, real food together.

Look at events in your area. Find a community food festival. Research local farmers markets or produce co-ops to support the folks that grow healthy food.

Look into meal prep recipes for making food for the week in advance. Then, when you’re rushed to get to work, you only have to reach into the refrigerator to grab the already-prepared, nutrient-rich lunch you made with your own two hands.

What’s the hashtag for National Food Day?

Use #NationalFoodDay on social media to promote a healthy diet and support food advocacy.