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When is this day celebrated?   June 10th of each calendar year.

What is National Flair Bartenders Day?  This national day will be dedicated to bartenders that entertain from behind the bar. Bottle flipping, shaker spinning, glass tossing bartenders that draw guests to the bar with their celerity of motion and bottle conjuring skills. Bartenders that go above and beyond in their daily training to not only make great drinks but to entertain guests at the same time.

Why was this day created?   The hospitality industry has been hit hard during the crisis of the last two years. Flair bartending itself dates back to the dawn of the craft in the early 1800’s. In the past 30 years it has become a style of bartending all in itself. Known in the Las Vegas Bartenders Union as “Entertainment Bartender”. The day is being created to draw awareness of the craft and hopes to inspire restaurants or individuals to increase their training or even host a local or national bartending competition.

How should this day be celebrated?   The day can be celebrated in a number of ways. By encouraging bartenders to take to social media to teach a bar trick or a flair trick, promote a flair bartending show to attract guests to the restaurant. These bartenders and Flair Freestyle enthusiasts may also compete in one of the many flair bartending events around the nation and the globe. More ambitious people will host their own Flair bartending events that attract local, national or even international flair bartenders to the restaurant to compete. This level of interaction can draw a large audience that celebrates in a restaurant or in an area of the city that hosts many restaurants. This will encourage people to come out to the restaurants and celebrate the amazing people that practice this age old craft.

Who created this Day?  This day was created by Dean Serneels in February 2022.