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When is this day celebrated? October 6

What is National Energy Geek Day? 

On National Energy Geek day, we celebrate the men and women who work to make homes more efficient, healthy, and resilient. From energy raters to existing home auditors, these professionals are dedicated to creating better, safer living spaces for homeowners. 

It is not an easy job – it often involves driving long distances, working in all kinds of weather, and building relationships with everyone on the jobsite, from trades and site supervisors to homeowners. What inspires them to persist? Passion! 

For energy geeks, caring about energy is a way of life. That’s why the term “energy geek” is a compliment, not at all an insult. When energy geeks attend an industry conference, they continue to discuss building science long after the sessions have ended. Whenever they enter a new building, they scope out the construction and appliances. They live and breathe building science. 

We dream of a world where everyone lives in a home that is efficient, healthy, and resilient. Thanks to the determination and passion of energy geeks worldwide, we believe we’ll get there.

Who founded this day? This day was founded by EnergyLogic, Inc. in 2018. 

Why was this day created? 

Energy Geeks work hard to improve the experience of owning a home by helping homeowners save money and reduce utility bills. But it doesn’t stop there! The homes are also safer and more comfortable. 

Since the work is often completed before the homeowner moves in, it’s a job that commonly goes unnoticed. Many people enjoy the benefits, but they don’t know who helped make them possible. We want to bring attention to the passionate, intelligent energy geeks who help make the American dream of owning a home more achievable. Their expertise makes it possible to build homes that designed and built with the right balance of high-performance, quality, efficiency, and comfort.

National Energy Efficiency Day is October 5th. This day compliments Energy Geek day perfectly, as energy-efficiency is at the heart of all energy geeks.

How should this day be celebrated? 

If you live in a home that is efficient and safe, celebrate it and remember that someone, somewhere cared enough to help make that happen! Maybe thank your builder for building high-performance homes. Or go a step further and ask who did the energy assessment on your house and express your gratitude. If you don’t have the home you wish you did, find a geek and get their help!

For the energy geeks of the world, take some time to remember that you’re doing work that matters! Find some fellow energy geeks and grab your drink of choice. Talk about anything you want, but if we know you at all, we’d guess it will have to do with insulation options and energy code changes.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #NationalEnergyGeekDay, so we can see your celebrations!

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