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When is National Elevate Your Sprinkler Day celebrated? April 2nd

What is National Elevate Your Sprinkler Day?  A day to go outside, stretch those legs, and make sure your lawn is ready for whatever Mother Nature has up her sleeve. The best way to do this is to elevate your sprinkler with a new system that will keep your grass growing healthy and strong. We want to have this day surround awareness for sprinkler defects and how to tell your lawn is getting enough water. The goal of this day is to help people learn how to prep their lawns for varying seasons and ensure they are aware of the tools available to them in order to ensure their lawn is green all year round.

Why was this day created? This day is being created to emphasize the knowledge of maintaining a healthy lawn. Keeping your grass from drying out is easier said than done, so Elevate Your Sprinkler Day is even more essential when it comes to lush lawns. Elevate Your Sprinkler Day is a friendly boost for those garden enthusiasts who want to increase their lawn’s capacity to grow and save lawns that are deteriorating.

Who created this day? KJ Ketterling Enterprises, LLC

How should this day be celebrated or observed? Elevate Your Sprinkler Day will be celebrated by going to check your sprinklers for the proper level it needs to be above ground in order to elevate them. If you notice a dip, we believe you have to elevate, not excavate, so then you can get educated on how to do so through events across the nation where neighbors can gather outside on their lawns to elevate their sprinklers. Informational articles would be published in honor of the day with expert commentary from leading lawn care providers giving back to their community with some free advice. People can as well gain access to the many tools and resources available to aid in restoring your sprinkler’s correct height and water velocity for green lawns all year round.